The story of Nikita Budathoki

The story of Nikita Budathoki

I felt like one of the worst artists during my school days and I had never thought that I had a thing for arts. Years have gone by since then. Now, I have found myself through art.

Nikki Drawing

My journey with mandalas and art started after my highschool. One fine day, I was scrolling my Instagram feeds when I saw a mandala art. The shape and the symmetry of mandalas pulled me towards it. I felt like I could do it. An artist in me was born when I decided to pull out my pencil and a piece of paper and recreate what I just saw. My encounter with art was accidental and what a beautiful accident it was.

The story of Nikki Arts

I was drawing and learning new patterns. Every single pattern made me realize how I was always attached to the arts. I learned more about myself with every canvas I filled with my art either by breaking the pattern or fusing multiple patterns. As the pages of my artbook started looking like a piece of art I started nikki_arts__ just to track my progress over time. Nikki Drawing

I learned to express myself through art and nikki_arts__ on Instagram was the medium through which I could express myself to an audience. The audience was really kind and they supported my work. Their love and support encouraged me to try other art forms, which made me a more versatile artist. An accidental encounter with mandala on Instagram inspired me to create art and now I feel proud when I get text messages of people where they mention I have inspired them to start drawing too.

That one time when my Instagram was blocked

I love fusing art forms that have existed from thousands of years to the things of the present. I like painting pictures of celebrities, logo of football clubs etc within a mandala. This is my style to art and I try to add some creative elements like such in every art I create.

Doctor Strange

Things weren't always like that. When I started, I just created simple mandalas. One day, I saw an image of Ganesha on Pinterest. I really liked it and I wanted to draw it myself. So, I drew it and uploaded it on Instagram without crediting or mentioning the original creator. This got me into a copyright issue and my Instagram was blocked for a few days. This incident taught me a valuable lesson to give credit to the original creators.

Night Sky

Except for giving credits, I also realized that I could add custom elements in my art and make it my own. That time also made me realize that mandalas can be more than just circles and these incidents inspired me to come with my own creativity and style.

I have come a long way since I started drawing 4 years ago. I have grown as an artist and as a human in this period. I will always continue doing art even the circumstances are worse. Even if the financial gain is low, I am proud to be able to earn some money doing the thing I love doing.


Note from Stories From Nepal

We interviewed Nikita and she had many things to say about art and herself in the interview. Additionally, Nikita presented some saddening insights about the value artists get through the interview. Please follow the excerpt on our Instagram.

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