Stories of our source of inspiration

Stories of our source of inspiration

Time is the best teacher. With everything revolving around time, I too believe, time teaches us a lot. From facing your first failure to facing your first achievements, all you have constant is time signaling you to take it slowly. Hello readers, this is Subigya Ojha, one of the storytellers in Stories From Nepal. Being a youth, I always find myself in confusing situations where I am reminded to make my own decisions, and also when I do that, I am reminded that I am very young to make decisions. So, going back and forth with this, I have now started to act a little practical from what I learn from others or from what inspires me to be a good human. When people share how much a person or his/her words, works inspire them, I only have incidents and situations that inspire me to do good or at least try to.

The inspiration towards working hard

Subigya's Parents

I am grown up seeing my mom and my dad work equally together. Going to college early in the morning to teach till dusk or going to their mini-farm, these people have taught me how being a girl is never a barrier. My mom is equally responsible for making us financially stable, and my dad does all the grocery shopping. The environment in our home has inspired me to work hard. What these people tell me is doing basic life maintaining chores like cleaning, cooking, planting and nourishing doesn't make me small but stronger.


The inspiration to be me

Alike, many teens and youths, I tend to doubt a lot about my qualities, about my thoughts, about how I should or shouldn't have reacted. These all are very common and are natural too. But to know this, I had to convince myself that it's okay to feel confused. Not all of your questions should get answered. Not all your worries are meant to be looked at like worries, they can be treated as learnings too. And the best part is there is no one exactly like you. You, with all your imperfections, are perfectly you. This took very long to be realized but now when it's done, I am me and can act like myself, presenting all the incidents that added up to be me. All the wisdom mentioned above was gracefully told to me by my beloved Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (the mentor of my soul). My journey of being a spiritual being started because of this and can proudly say that if not this it wouldn’t be easier to accept what is going around.


The inspiration towards confidence

I run towards my parents whenever I feel I can't deal with situations anymore. But they aren't only the source of inspiration I have. I try to take lessons from every strange conversation I listen to. Once, I was on the bus, before that day, I hadn't encountered domestic violence from that close. A very young girl, who was in her early teens inspired how strong and bold, you should be to face life and its circumstances. She was brave enough to force her mom to leave the house they were currently living in because her dad was too hard to be taught or calmed. She saved her mother from a monster who tortured her for years. Living in a family where we can see harmony and love all around, I had never imagined to have a life like this. After that I gained the inner-force to tackle a lot of obstacles I face. Some strange confidence resided inside me, and I am very thankful to have encountered that moment.


The inspiration towards sharing

I was a terrible person. When I look back, I see no reason to hide my diary, which had all the poetry I wrote from everyone. Even my parents were unknown about the fact that I used to write. One day I was scrolling my YouTube feed, and there I found a story and a storyteller. He said every person has stories to share, everyone has something new to say, some experiences that we can never encounter. But the sad part is not all share their incidents so if anyone is sharing their's, we should listen to them. This one line made me realize how my way of writing can be a better way of expressing myself to the world. This was the core reason why I started DualSays. So with all the insecurities and god knows hiding all the fear we (we because its me and my sister) post our writings there whenever it's ready.


With every passing year, I add up a little bit to myself for improvement. I had no intentions of showing how much of a great human being I am. I just wanted to share how we all can get inspiration in small incidents. Making every point count, I still am in my journey of life learning and unlearning many things. The journey continues.

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