The Story of Stories From Nepal

The Story of Stories From Nepal

March 19th, 2020

They say, "Staring at empty walls is more interesting than studying in exams." I relate to it. This is how the idea of Stories From Nepal came to my mind. What do you do when you think about an idea? You try to validate it. That is what I did. I shared it with my best friend, Subigya about the idea and told her to let's do it. Then we discussed the idea, we improvised it and we were ready. After our exams were over, we'd put all our energy into it and make it happen.

The initial idea

In the beginning, Stories From Nepal as a platform would be a youtube channel where we would share people's life through short videos. It is a platform where I want to pursue my love for film making and storytelling. The story could be about a cafe owner trying to make a living through it or a student who leaves his hometown for the Kathmandu valley to pursue his studies, the struggle he faces on the daily basis.

We had huge plans and expectations but due to COVID-19 and the nationwide lockdown, we could not go out and make videos. At that time, Subigya and I talked to more people and formed a strong team with brilliant people.

Sanny Rai, The most amazing human being

Sanny and I worked together for nearly a year. We had become more than just colleagues. I can proudly say that he is one of my best friends. Sanny believed in stories and he wanted to do something that would impact people. Stories is something that can touch people's lives. When I shared him this idea, he was all in.

Not all stories have a happy ending. Due to Sanny's personal reasons, he could not dedicate the time needed for this platform. That's why he stepped down.

Despite saying that, there's no denying that it is a platform he helped start too. Therefore, he will always be a part of it.

Inclusion of Tamish Brother on the team

Tamish brother and I had worked in the past on Barca Nepal. There, we used to make videos every weekend for some time. Then, we had our own lives and responsibilities. Due to which, we could not continue.

Stories From Nepal needed a mentor, someone who has experience related to storytelling. I knew Tamish Dai is someone I can consult with. Things turned out to be even better. He didn't just want to be a mentor or a guide, he wanted to be a part of the team. We were more than happy to have someone with his experience to be in the team.

Sushmit, my best companion

I met Sushmit on Leapfrog's online internship. He was a fun, talkative and very likeable person. On our first zoom call, he told me that he thinks he has seen me somewhere. Later, we got to know we lived nearby. One day, we went on a walk then I told him about Stories From Nepal. Before even offering him to be a part of the team, he was pumped up and said, let's do it.

Sushmit enjoys making videos. He has his own youtube channel where he makes podcast like videos.

Despite knowing for a relatively short period of time, Sushmit is one of my closest friends. With him, I can think about trying new things, sharing ideas and discussing the love for film making and technology. He is my best companion.

The progress and the hurdle

To keep things straight, COVID-19 has been the biggest hurdle for us up to now. We are not in the situation to go out and make videos. We made a video on Patan about the owner of Quick Bite Cafe. It is almost finished but we don't want to release it now because we don't know when we will be able to release our next video. We want to maintain a frequency in which we upload videos.

Stories From Nepal Shoot

So keeping videos out of the way, what next? Is the platform dead until things get back to normal? It seemed like so in the beginning but an amazing content creator who I really look up to, Keshav Dulal, called me and reminded me that Stories From Nepal is about stories, not the platform. That's why now we will be focusing on sharing stories through our Instagram posts like Humans of New York does and also through this blog (I prefer to call it story).

The progress that I can write is the official unveiling of Stories From Nepal from this story. From now onwards, we will be presenting stories of people through this website and our Instagram.

The way forward

Until things get normal, writing stories about people on this website is the way to go forward for Stories From Nepal. We want to bring out underrated content creators and artists to share their story from the platform. Every team member in Stories From Nepal has some personal/professional engagement. That is why we can only commit to making contents here during the weekend. On a positive note, the launch of this website is a big step towards achieving our goals to share people's story and that is why we expect to share contents on a more regular basis.

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